Your weekly reading guide: 3-11-19

Life is busy, and time is tight. So, I’ve made learning easier for you by curating a list of recent articles covering various topics to help you empower, engage and guide your clients towards better financial outcomes. Enjoy!

Does Improving Financial Literacy Lead to Better Decisions, by Fulya Ersoy
“…we all hope to make good financial decisions and want to know more about how to make good decisions. Increasing financial literacy through financial education seems like a reasonable first step. But recent research shows that increasing financial literacy via education is neither necessary nor sufficient to reach this aim.”

Choice Architecture 2.0: How People Interpret and Make Sense of Nudgesby Job Krijnen
“…it is crucial to realize that the people who are making the decisions…are not always naive and passive targets. It is true that sometimes people may simply choose a default option without giving it a second thought, but that’s not always the case—sometimes they will try to make sense of how a choice is presented, and their interpretation can profoundly influence their behavior.”

Behavioral Economics of Retirement, by Robert Laura
“…one of the hallmarks of behavioral economics is the belief that people make better decisions when they have the right information, at the right time, and with the opportunity to receive prompt feedback. Therefore, when advisors assure clients that they can retire and stay retired based on savings and their financial projections, they are not giving the client all the information they need to make an informed decision about this next stage of life.

The Future of Personal Finance: Fintech 50 2019, by Kristin Stoller
“Almost every personal finance company on Forbes’ 2019 Fintech 50 list is betting on the insights of behavioral finance to take their company to the next level…Here are seven of the country’s most promising personal finance and insurance companies”

Don’t Let ‘Gray Divorce’ Derail Your Retirement, by Sarah Max
“…the rate of divorce among Americans age 50 and older has more than doubled since the 1990, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center…Whatever the cause, divorce can have a devastating financial impact—adding a whole new kind of stress to retirement planning.”

What’s your regular go to reading list? Let me know in the comment section.

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