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“How do you best engage people in a way that helps them change their behavior, accomplish great things and transform their lives?”

During my career as a financial counselor, regional manager, trainer and leadership and performance coach and advisor, this was the question I passionately sought to answer. Along the road, I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, gained an MBA and spent countless hours learning and researching. But, those achievements aren’t what taught me how to help people. It was the work and the process of applying, succeeding, failing and trying again. It’s been a fun ride!

Performance Ownership Edge (POE) is the result of this obsession. The POE mission is to provide high-power training and coaching to help leaders at every level drive innovation by taking ownership of their performance and creating empowered and engaged teams.

How did I get here?

Well, I found myself in a situation many can relate to. I was a young, inexperienced new manager leading multiple teams, most of whom had been my peers, or had far more industry experience than I did.

I needed help. I needed to learn how to lead.

So, that’s what I did. I searched and searched, dug and dug and then dug some more. I learned and applied, learned and applied. Sometimes what I applied was successful, often it was not. But, failure is only failure if you don’t learn, adapt and keep trying. So, I kept my head down, grunted, smiled, cussed and kept at it.

Finding information was easy; learning was far more difficult.

There is no shortage of opinions, books, articles and training programs claiming to have the answers to transforming your organization and your ability to lead. A quick browse through any bookstore will reveal endless volumes of the next big idea in leadership and organizational development. They will burst onto the scene – the new, hot must-read – before fading to make way for the next big idea. People love new ideas and aren’t as likely to repeatedly pay for the old ones.

Some of these ideas are bad practice fads with little practical application or results to back up the claims. Some might have been a successful leader’s opinion presented as fact. The problem is, in the same way that people can’t always pinpoint why they’re failing, they sometimes don’t actually know why they’re succeeding. So, a good job can equal bad advice.

Still, much of what was out there in the leadership sphere was beneficial, often sharing a common feature. They were either old, rebranded ideas, or they were new, heavily researched and repackaged ideas presented in a digestible form. At the center of all of it were decades of cognitive and behavioral psychology, neurology and other sociological studies. That’s where I went to learn and where I continue to go.

That’s why POE exists: to empower current and future leaders with the knowledge, processes, practices and training required to unleash the potential of their people.

Sure, I am bringing experience to the table. I was fortunate to have spent a number of years in a corporate laboratory where I was empowered to experiment by applying performance management, organizational development and psychological principles, to take risks and try new things. Learn, apply, succeed, fail, review and do it all over again. I have managed regional offices and sales and service teams, advised and coached leaders and oversaw the implementation of national performance and training programs.

Though this experience gives me a perspective, it is not the primary value I bring to you, and it certainly should not be the reason you are here.

I am more of a reporter, sorter, synthesizer and community-builder of everything leadership, working to bridge the gap between theory and practical application. Though my own experience may serve as a rhetorical framework through which to communicate, like many before me I aim to repackage complex ideas and research in new, digestible ways. In short, the writings, courses and resources provided on this site are based on decades of research and practical application throughout the business community and academia–not on some self-perception that my experience and tactics are the source of all leadership wisdom.

So dive in, explore and, most of all, commend yourself for making the decision to own your own performance! I look forward to seeing all that you accomplish!

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