POE Weekend Curated Collection: 3.16.19

Due to the response we received from the curated collection of articles we posted lasted week, we are going to make it a weekly offering. Your selection of advisor-relevant business, finance and behavioral science articles will be posted (or, if you’re signed up for our newsletter, sent to you) bright and early each Saturday morning. So, sit back, decompress for the weekend and enjoy! This week’s offering is dominated by two issues important to all advisors: the economy & retirement savings.

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Monthly Market Risk Update: March 2019, Brad McMillan – Financial Advisor Magazine 
“Market risks come in three flavors: recession risk, economic shock risk and risks within the market itself. So, what do these risks look like for March? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

If the global economy is slowing, why are risk assets up this year?,Gabriela Santos – J.P. Morgan Asset Management
“…global GDP growth has moved down from 3.8% in mid-2017 to 2.6% at the end of 2018. The Markit global manufacturing PMI survey moved a bit lower still in February to 50.6, the lowest level since June 2016 and a sign that slower growth is still in the cards this quarter. However, to put it in perspective, the PMI is still sitting comfortably above the levels seen back in 2012 and certainly above the levels of 2008. Global economic growth has downshifted, but it has not stalled…What has been behind this downshift?”

Yield Curve Telling a Different Message Than Stock Market, Bianco Says (Video Clip) – Bloomberg Markets
“Jim Bianco, president and founder at Bianco Research, discusses ‘mixed messages’ coming from markets on the U.S. economy…”

The Era of Cheap Money Shows No One Knows How Monetary Policy Works, Ben Holland – Bloomberg
“Monetary policy is supposed to work like this: cut interest rates, and you’ll encourage businesses and households to borrow, invest and spend. It’s not really playing out that way.”

Gap Between Workplace and Retail Retirement Advice Can Be NarrowedAmanda Umpierrez – Plan Sponsor Magazine
“A study finds retail retirement planning advice often offers more information to retirement plan participants, but retirement plan sponsors can increase their offerings to narrow the gap.”

Younger Americans Struggle To SaveJoyce Blay – Financial Advisor Magazine
“One-in-five working Americans, or 21 percent, are struggling to save…one-in-six working Americans (16 percent) were saving more than the 15 percent of earnings that most advisors recommended, while almost half (48 percent) were saving no more than 10 percent of their income.”

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