Performance Leadership Coaching Program

Congratulation on being accepted into the POE Performance Leadership Coaching Program. Click below to get started.

What You Get

  • Ninety minutes per month of one-on-one coaching.
  • Ongoing workforce surveys to determine how leadership behaviors affect the performance of employees, peers and associates.
  • Individualized assignments and a plan of action.
  • Membership to the POE Monthly Learning Burst Challenge program, which also includes materials from the POE Monthly Action Leadership Activities program (value $99/month).
  • Access to the POE Leadership All-Stars Community Forum.
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Scott Taylor

Director – Focused on team leadership and client relations

"Matt developed online training that is excellent! I made it mandatory for my entire team. I strongly recommend it!"


Scott Schewe

CFP®, Financial Planning and Advising

“Two of my favorite and most valuable experiences in the past decade of my professional career were the two trainings I attended with Matt. They stretched and challenged me. It was invaluable.”


Jonathan Smith

CFP®, Financial Planner

“As a leader, Matt created an environment in which I wanted to be engaged. He guided me towards a trend of self-development in which I’m still firmly entrenched years later. It has been inspirational for me to watch his career. He willed a world class training program into existence from a company which had previously provided me zero comprehensive training or development prospects. I believe Matt’s curiosity, interpersonal skills, and commitment to learning make him invaluable.”