Monthly Learning Burst Challenge

Imagine your former employee saying something like, “They were the best manager I ever had. They pushed me to be better and do more…they made me better.”

That would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it? You have to earn and work for this kind of praise, and The Monthly Learning Burst Challenge program is here to help you. These learning sessions will empower you with the performance management skills and people development principles to take your team to the next level.

Requiring an average of 30 to 60 minutes a week, our videos, interactive activities, real-world applications and challenges, and monthly live webinar will empower you to transform your people by first transforming yourself!

What You Get

  • Course content designed to maximize retention.
  • An interactive learning experience, including videos, activities and knowledge reinforcement assessments.
  • Comprehensive high-impact assignments to practically apply knowledge in the workplace.
  • Attendance to a live monthly webinar.
  • Regular emails to keep you focused, motivated and on-track.
  • Access to all past Monthly Learning Burst Challenges.
  • Includes all materials from the POE Monthly Leadership Activities program (value $29/month).
  • Access to the POE Leadership All-Stars Community Forum.
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Scott Taylor

Director – Focused on team leadership and client relations

"Matt developed online training that is excellent! I made it mandatory for my entire team. I strongly recommend it!"


Scott Schewe

CFP®, Financial Planning and Advising

“Two of my favorite and most valuable experiences in the past decade of my professional career were the two trainings I attended with Matt. They stretched and challenged me. It was invaluable.”


Jonathan Smith

CFP®, Financial Planner

“As a leader, Matt created an environment in which I wanted to be engaged. He guided me towards a trend of self-development in which I’m still firmly entrenched years later. It has been inspirational for me to watch his career. He willed a world class training program into existence from a company which had previously provided me zero comprehensive training or development prospects. I believe Matt’s curiosity, interpersonal skills, and commitment to learning make him invaluable.”