Monthly Action Leadership Activities

You can read books, watch videos and think all you want about a topic. You might get some smarts that way. But, if you aren’t able to practically apply that knowledge, you won’t have the skills to backup what’s running around your brain or coming out of your mouth.

That’s where POE’s Monthly Leadership Action Steps Activities come in. Each month, you will be provided with a new high-impact activity that will walk you through a series of steps to develop and apply new leadership skills. Whether it is one of our PDF worksheets, Excel-based management tools or our other learning resources, you will be empowered with the practical application tools to elevate your leadership game. What’s holding you back from taking action?

What You Get

  • Each month you will receive a new high-impact activity, which can include a PDF worksheet, Excel management tool or other resources.
  • Access to all past monthly activities.
  • Membership to the POE Leadership All-Stars Community Forum.
  • Special members only offers and opportunities.
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Scott Taylor

Director – Focused on team leadership and client relations

"Matt developed online training that is excellent! I made it mandatory for my entire team. I strongly recommend it!"


Scott Schewe

CFP®, Financial Planning and Advising

“Two of my favorite and most valuable experiences in the past decade of my professional career were the two trainings I attended with Matt. They stretched and challenged me. It was invaluable.”


Jonathan Smith

CFP®, Financial Planner

“As a leader, Matt created an environment in which I wanted to be engaged. He guided me towards a trend of self-development in which I’m still firmly entrenched years later. It has been inspirational for me to watch his career. He willed a world class training program into existence from a company which had previously provided me zero comprehensive training or development prospects. I believe Matt’s curiosity, interpersonal skills, and commitment to learning make him invaluable.”